Tips For Flying With A Dog

Published on 03/07/2021

Every dog owner knows the situation: the vacation is imminent and the question arises whether our four-legged friend can come along. If you want to take a flight, it is even more difficult to answer. Many questions arise, such as “Is my dog allowed to fly at all?” Or “What do I have to consider so that my four-legged friend can make it through the flight well?”

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Tips For Flying With A Dog

Find The Right Transport Box

All airlines agree on one point: Dogs are only taken in a transport box suitable for the flight. Fortunately, in order to find a model that meets the requirements of your airline, there is a simple criterion: The box must have been approved by the IATA.

No Online Booking

If you plan to take your four-legged friend with you on a flight, we would advise you not to book online. The best thing to do is to contact the airline by phone and make it clear that you want to take a dog with you. It might be the case that you have to pay separate fees for the transport.


Before the day of departure is approaching, you can try to get your dog used to the transport box. Simply let your dog get into the transport box, put the box in the car, and go for a ride. He should get used to this situation from time to time and thus be less afraid if he has to go into the transport box during the flight.

Buy Food And Water

A few hours before the flight you shouldn’t give your four-legged friend any more food, water is of course fine. Especially when your dog is separated from you and prepared for transport, you can put a bowl of water in his transport box for him. Depending on the length of the flight, you can also give him a bowl of food

Plan Enough Time

We advise you to be at the airport at least 1 hour before the recommended time. You may have had a tough day of travel and have to fight your way through long lines. Check-in with a dog can also take longer than planned.


So that your four-legged friend does not get bored during the flight, you can deal with him sufficiently beforehand. If you go for a lot of walks and play with him, there’s a better chance he’ll take a nap during the flight.

Think It Trough

Traveling by plane with a dog needs to be well planned and prepared. But the essential question that you have to ask yourself is: “Is my dog capable to fly?” And it is primarily about the flight in the cargo area because here your dog is alone for a while in a strange and unfamiliar place and surroundings. It is relatively noisy here, there may be strange animals in the immediate vicinity and the take-off and landing are also a burden on the dog’s circulation. So think carefully about whether your dog can tolerate such stresses well.