5 Tips for Making a Long-haul Flight More Comfortable

Published on 01/05/2022

Apart from small seats, little legroom and often screaming children, flying is probably one of the best inventions of all. You get on a plane and only a few hours later you find yourself in a completely foreign country where everything is different – the language, the food and the weather. Depending on how long these “few hours” last, you have to sit relatively quietly in a cramped place for a while. This can be a real pain, especially on long haul flights. If you dread such flights, then we have just the thing for you. On your next trip, simply follow these long-haul flight tips and time is guaranteed to fly by.

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5 Tips for Making a Long-haul Flight More Comfortable

Prepare Your Hand Luggage

If you want to look or feel fresh after landing, we recommend that you put the following travel-size things in your hand luggage: a toothbrush and toothpaste (as brushing your teeth makes you perky and refreshed), deodorant (so that you smell decent) and some lip balm and lotion (this will keep your skin glowing, no matter how dry the air or how bad the jet lag is). In addition to the hygiene items, you should also pack a pen and write down the address of your accommodation so that you can complete all the immigration formalities without bothering the flight attendants.

Accessories And Sleep

Increase your comfort while flying with earplugs, an eye mask, and noise-blocking headphones. Together with your neck pillow, you can relax, cuddle up as best you can on the economy class seat and increase the chances of getting some rest. Unless you don’t want to sleep at all and prefer to concentrate on the small screen in front of you …

Try To Enjoy Entertainment Program

Time flies when you watch movies or TV shows. With many airlines, you can view the selection of films online so that you can plan your entertainment program or add your own collection to it. Even if films distract you and keep you happy, there is still a small chance that the entertainment system on board won’t work: So always have a plan B ready – e.g. a book, video games, films or music – so that you don’t find out first-hand what it means to stare at the back of the seat in front of you for eight hours.

Make Sure You Have Enough Leg Freedom

Hand luggage is great. Unless you have to stow it under the seat in front of you and your already limited legroom will be taken away from you even more. Pack all of your belongings in the hold above you so that you can stretch your legs and feet often and with some grace. Extra tip: Before going out, you should stow the most important belongings from your hand luggage (e.g. iPad, books, headphones, chocolate bars, etc.) in a small bag. You can then easily put this under your seat, and you don’t have to keep asking your neighbors if they can get up briefly so that you can get to your luggage.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Comfort is essential when you’re on a plane for hours, so dress up in the onion look or like you’re spending a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch. You already know, things like hoodies, scarves (which can also be used as blankets or neck pillows) and an extra pair of socks so that your feet stay nice and warm. If you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your pajamas when you arrive at your destination, pack an additional, non-aircraft-compatible wardrobe in your hand luggage and change your clothes after landing.