Consider These Things If You Want A Safe Travel With Your Fur Baby

Published on 10/14/2021

We’re pretty sure that you were able to travel with your fur baby at least once or even if not, you might have probably thought about doing so. We can’t blame you! Every pet owners definitely want to bring their fur babies to places and just let them enjoy the surroundings. Although the idea is exciting, it comes with a little bit of preparation. You can’t just take your pet anywhere you’d like without thinking about how well it’s gonna adjust to the traveling and etc. You must also take into account your pet’s readiness. Just like humans, these creatures can feel car sickness too or even feel uncomfortable traveling. That’s why it’s better to be ready than feeling sorry later when something happened. Here are some tips that you should consider before bringing your fur baby with you to travel.

Consider These Things If You Want A Safe Travel With Your Fur Baby

Consider These Things If You Want A Safe Travel With Your Fur Baby

Take Them On A Few Short Trips Before Bringing Them To Long Trips

This will help them familiarize themselves with the journey, may it be via land, water, or air. After taking short trips, gradually increase the distance and time of travel until such time they’re ready for long trips!

Bring Enough Food And Water For Your Pet

Some pet owners might think that they can just buy their pets’ food on the way, but having them ready anytime is the best option. You can’t control your pet’s need for food and water so it’s best to be prepared.

Bring Their Medications And Safety Kit/First Aid

You have no control over what’s going to happen to your pet when you’re outside. It’s better to keep these things in hand for emergencies. Also, it’s best to keep its vet doctor’s number on your contact list.

Restrain Your Pets During The Travel Or Ride

It’s not safe for your pet to constantly move inside the car while it’s moving. It may experience car sickness if it won’t be restrained.

Do Not Let Your Pets Stick Their Heads Out On A Car Window

It’s better to be safe than sorry, as people say. No one knows the danger that will come. In case of collision, it’s possible that your pet might get thrown out of the car if the window is open.

Bring Your Pets’ Toys

You can stop driving for a whole and have a little playtime with your dog just to keep them entertained after a few hours of traveling.

Bring Health Records And Identification

It is necessary that you bring these documents with you when you travel. Some facilities require proof that your fur babies have complete and updated vaccination. In case of emergency, you can also show these documents to the vet or hospital where you’ll take them. It would be easy for them to know the history of your pets’ health and help them give it proper care.

Frequently Let Your Fur Baby Do Potty Breaks

Quite a few times during your trip, do a quick stop to let your pets have some potty breaks. It’s not good for them to hold it in during the whole trip. 

If You’re Going To Travel With Other People Together With Your Pets, Ask Them Not To Tease It Or Annoy It

Long trips are undoubtedly quite annoying and uncomfortable for everyone, the same goes for animals. So let them do everyone else a favor and not annoy your pets to avoid any chaos.

Don’t Leave Your Pets Alone Inside The Car Especially During Summer

We all know what can happen a dog is left alone inside a car and the heat is high. May it be for a quick stop to a convenience store or grocery, don’t leave it behind.

Bring Your Pet’s Leash

Even though your pets are trained, it is better to keep this in reach. This is useful especially when you do a potty break and you don’t want to chase them all around after.

Bring Their Beds/Cushion

It’ll help them get settled when something familiar is with them. The best example is their bed. Do not forget to keep one of its blankets with you at all times. Because of the scent, it will make your pets feel at ease.

Do Not Feed Your Pets Too Much A Few Hours Before Your Trip

It would be safer to not feed your pets a lot prior to traveling so that they won’t vomit during the car ride or trip, especially for the first-timers.

Bring Its Grooming Supplies

When pets take trips, they become anxious and shed more. In addition, it might end up looking like a slob after all the traveling and eating while out and about. Grooming your pets may necessitate some assistance.


There you have it! So before taking your pets on a trip somewhere, make sure to consider these things and prepare!