How To Keep Your Pooch Cool This Summer

Published on 04/18/2021

Summer will be here before you know it and every year, we as humans are always looking for new and innovative ways to keep us cool. Usually, we all just resort to staying indoors and blasting the AC, right? Now when it comes to our pets, the same should always apply.  Not only will this help keep your dog happy but can reduce the risk of your dog suffering from heatstroke. To help you stay on top of things during the summer, keep reading these great tips to keep your pooch cool during the hotter months.

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How To Keep Your Pooch Cool This Summer

Make Sure There Are Shady Spots

If you have a dog that much prefers to spend their summer days outside, it’s really important to make sure that they have enough shade outside. Not everyone has an abundance of trees in their garden or a shaded patio, but luckily there are various other options available. A small shaded tent or canopy can really so perfect for any size dog. Although many suggest a dog kennel, those actually tend to get very hot inside and don’t allow a good amount of airflow, which is definitely not good for the very hot summer months.

Always Have Water Available

It’s important to ensure that your dog has access to plenty of clean drinking water all year round. And especially so during summer! Many people even like to add a few ice cubes into their canines water throughout the day as this is a great way to keep dogs cool. Furthermore when you take your pooch for a walk, do not forget to take enough water to last the entire time that you are out. A skirt bottle is possibly the best option, no matter how big or small your dog may be.

Protects Your Pup’s Paws

This next tip is somehow forgotten about by so many. But is actually something we all need to take into consideration during the hot summer months. Your dog’s paws have footpads that can more or less handle what nature throws at them, however, some surfaces can be damaging for your pooch’s paws. These include hot sidewalks, concrete, and even sand.  If these kinds of surfaces feel too hot for you, then chances are your dog’s feeling the exact same. So, in order to prevent burning their paws, avoid these surfaces especially during the midday heat.

Take Your Dog Swimming

This is one of the best ways to help your dog cool off. If you’re lucky enough to have access to a beach, pool, or even a small kiddie pool, let your dogs take full advantage. If you’re unsure as to whether your furry friend can really swim, be sure to be around and supervise their safety. If the pool is deep, it would be best to get into the pool and help them out. If you’re heading to a river or lake, you should definitely check before that the water is completely safe for your pet to be in. Many experts even suggest considering a life jacket for your pup!