Cat-Proofing The House For New Owners

Published on 03/04/2021
Cat-Proofing The House For New Owners

Cat-Proofing The House For New Owners

When adopting a cat, you need to do a lot more than just purchase a litter box and a few treats. You need to be mindful of your home. Even the most simple household items can be dangerous for your new pet. To make sure your cat is as safe and secure as possible, you need to cat-proof your home first. To help you get started, we’ve gathered some great tips to do so.

Tie Up Any Loose Cords

Cats can injure themselves or even strangle themselves in blind cords and cables. Think about switching your blinds for window treatments that have no looped cords, or cut the loop altogether to prevent any issues.

Cover Electric Cords

One habit cats tend to have is chewing, so make sure there are no electrical cords nearby to tempt them. Everything from phone chargers to cables and electrical cords should be either put away or covered to prevent any accidents.

Be Careful With Plants

There are many common plants and flowers that are actually toxic for cats. Lilies, sago palms, and cyclamen are only a few examples of plants that can cause your cat serious problems. Speak to your veterinarian before buying any new flowers or plants for your house.

Clear Your Nightstands

Things like medications, rubber bands, and sewing needles need to be kept out of reach when you have a cat. Put them away in a cabinet or drawer rather than on easy-to-reach surfaces like nightstands to keep your cat safe.

Keep Pantry and Cabinet Doors Closed

Keep cleaners, chemicals, garbage, and all food behind closed doors in the pantry or in a cabinet. In fact, it might be best to put child-proof locks on any accessible cabinet doors.

Close the Toilet Seat Cover

Cats are inherently curious, especially kittens. They could fall into the toilet easily. Be careful not to leave any toilet bowl cleaners sitting in the bowl and close the lid after every use to prevent unpleasant accidents.

Always Close the Dryer

Before each use, be sure to check the dryer for any unwanted guests and after you’re done with it, keep the door closed. A warm dryer can seem like a comfortable place for a cat to sleep, but it can be fatal if it’s accidentally turned on with them inside.

Cover Up Garbage Cans

Cats happen to love things like dental floss and other things we humans typically discard. As you’d probably guess, they tend to eat their findings, no matter what they are. Of course, eating any trash could cause trouble for cats, so make sure your garbage cans are covered at all times.

Don’t Leave Your Stovetop Uncovered

We all know how cats love jumping and climbing all over the place. So, when using the stovetop, stay nearby to prevent anything bad from happening, and once you’re done cooking, cover the stove with burner covers when they’re still hot.

Be Mindful With Essential Oils

If you’re someone who uses a diffuser and essential oils, be careful with the ones you use once you have a cat. Some essential oils can be toxic to cats. Do some research before using any of them around your cat.