How To Treat Your Dog To An At Home Spa-Day

Published on 03/04/2021

Looking to spoil and pamper your doggy but don’t have the budget to send them to a chic dog spa? Do not worry – we have you covered! Why not treat your four-legged best friend to an amazing spa day in the comfort of your own home? Not only is this a super fun activity for both of you but it can also be so rewarding and beneficial in many ways. This is truly one of the best ways to show your pooch just how much you love him or her. Take a look at these great tips to help you create a personalized spa day for your beloved dog.

How To

How To Treat Your Dog To An At Home Spa-Day

Begin With A Workout

The best way to begin your spa treatment is by getting your dog’s heart rate up with their favorite exercise. Whether it’s throwing a ball in your backyard or going for a run in the park. Whatever you choose, just make sure that the workout is short and is obviously something that your dog enjoys. Not only will it burn a good amount of energy, but it will also make it easier to handle your pooch when it comes to bathing and grooming.

Give A Warm Bath

Next after the workout, it’s bathtime! But, before you begin to run the water, make sure you have absolutely you need to pamper your pup. This includes towels, a comb or brush, a grooming kit as well shampoo, and conditioner. You may also want to keep the peanut butter close by! While you are running a warm bath, you can lightly brush your dog’s coat, which will help get rid of all the knots and tangles. Now your doggy is ready to be scrubbed. If your dog is not so keen on the bath, you can always give them something else to focus on, such as a treat or toy.

Gentle Massage

This next step can be done before or after you have dried and groomed your dog. Whatever you choose, take your pooch out of the bath and place them in an area that is most comfortable for both of you. This can be a bed, couch, or carpet. You can begin the massage at the top of your furry friend’s head and then work your way down to the neck, and if you want all the way down to his or her paws. Make sure to keep your touch light and without a lot of pressure. Take your time, and take note of how your dog is doing throughout the massage.

Delicious Home-Made Treats

Once you have finished off your relaxing doggy spa day, the best thing to do is reward them with a treat. We highly recommend that you try and make your own dog treats which are usually a lot healthier and contain natural ingredients. Otherwise, there are tons of other delicious dog treats available, which your pooch will definitely love.