The 5 Most Dog-Friendly Countries In Europe

Published on 09/27/2021

Are you one of the lucky ones who own a pet? Dogs are the most popular companions of humans, just behind cats. As a dog owner, of course, you don’t want to go without your beloved four-legged friend even on vacation. But one thing is clear: a vacation with a dog should always be well planned. This of course also means that you as a dog owner think about the general regulations for traveling with dogs, about the applicable regulations for dog owners in the holiday destination of your choice and the possibly necessary insurance cover for your dog. We have compiled a list of the 10 most dog-friendly countries in Europe, where holidays with your dog are the most beautiful.


The 5 Most Dog-Friendly Countries In Europe


Austria deserves its place at the top of our list, making it the most suitable country in Europe for a family holiday with a dog. In addition to the mostly animal-friendly accommodations, the inhabitants of the Alpine republic are usually benevolent towards dogs. Overall, the selection of possible leisure activities with your dog is very large. Above all, of course, there is the option of discovering the impressive landscapes of Austria on a hike with your dog.


Belgium ranks second in our ranking of the most dog-friendly countries in Europe. The Benelux and its residents are generally considered to be extremely dog-friendly. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that a visit to a restaurant with your four-legged friend is usually not a problem. Along the Belgian North Sea coast, the promenades of the seaside resorts invite you to stroll and linger. The hilly landscape of the Ardennes, on the other hand, impresses with its untouched nature that invites you to go on long hikes. In the middle of the extensive deciduous and fir forests or along the numerous rivers, your four-legged friend is guaranteed to feel right at home.


The Netherlands completes the top 3 in our list of the most suitable countries for a vacation with a dog in Europe. No wonder, the open-mindedness and tolerance of the Dutch extends not only to people, but also to their beloved four-legged friends. This is expressed not least in the fact that animal-friendly accommodation for a holiday with your dog in the Netherlands is usually found quickly – both in terms of holiday homes and many guest houses and hotels. If you are planning a beach holiday in the Netherlands, however, you should make sure that you choose your holiday home in South and North Holland or Zeeland, if possible. Because there are many designated dog beaches where your animal companion is not only welcome, but also has enough space to let off steam in a completely informal way. Far away from these designated dog beaches, dogs are generally not allowed at least in the bathing season between May and September.


The Federal Republic shares fourth place with Latvia in our ranking of the most dog-friendly countries in Europe. There are restrictions due to the regionally different regulations regarding the obligation to wear a leash and the compulsory muzzle. This can be misleading to tourists. Owners of the dog breeds Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier must expect restrictions when vacationing with a dog in Germany. In principle, every dog ​​of any breed can stay in Germany for up to four weeks a year. However, a special permit is required for a longer stay with one of the breeds mentioned above. Depending on the federal state, there are also other restrictions with regard to the muzzle and leash obligation and other regulations to be observed. In terms of accommodation and leisure activities, Germany leaves little to be desired for a vacation with a dog.