A Complete Guide To Feeding Your Puppy

Published on 03/02/2021

Bringing a new puppy into your home can truly be one of the most exciting new adventures for you and your family. However, it is so important to know exactly how and what to feed your new furry companion. Just like babies, puppies have special feeding requirements too. Keep reading to see some of the important facts to take into consideration when feeding your puppy

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A Complete Guide To Feeding Your Puppy

Food Type

One of the most important things you need to establish is the type of food you intend on feeding your puppy, will it be dry food or wet/ canned food. Or perhaps a combination of both? For starters, dry food can be a lot more convenient since it is less expensive and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Next, we’ll talk about wet food. Canned food is often high in moisture meaning your pup will be consuming a lot fewer calories even if you feed them a bit more. Additionally, wet food has a higher moisture content which is a great way for your puppy to increase its water intake. Experts often say that there is no better option but rather based on the owner’s personal preference.

Location Is Key

Choosing the best place to feed your puppy is very important. You should pick one feeding spot and stick to it! Here are some great guidelines to help you find the perfect spot:

• Choose A Quiet place
It’s very crucial to make sure that you feed your new addition away from all the noise or commotion, especially if you live in a busy home. Your puppy needs to be free from interruptions and be fully focused on their food.

• Opt For A Surface That Is Easily Washable
Puppy owners tend to overlook this one. Always place the food bowl on a tiled floor or a feeding mat. Don’t choose a carpet area or something that is very valuable to you such as an inherited rug.

• Give Your Puppy Some Alone TimeKeep children away from your puppy while they’re eating
It is so important to keep children away from your pup while they are eating. Why? Because you want to avoid them scoffing down their food or getting protective and aggressive over their meal. As this could some major problems when your dog becomes an adult.

Portion Size

When puppies are young, their eyes are often a lot bigger than their bellies. In order to get the correct balance between what they need and overfeeding them, rather give them smaller amounts of food on a regular basis. Naturally depending on their age will also depend on the amount of food you feed your puppy. Don’t be tempted to overfeed your pooch as they can gain a lot of extra pounds very quickly. It’s best to consult your feed for the correct guidelines and more advice.

What Not To Feed Your Puppy!

As much as we don’t want our puppies to beg for food, when they are young and so adorable dog owners tend to give in to their cute little puppy eyes. In order to keep your puppy on a well-maintained, balanced diet, try your best to ignore their whimpering for leftovers or scraps of food. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to give your puppy the occasional treat- just don’t overdo it! In addition, your dog should stay clear of these foods that may be harmful or toxic for their bodies.

• Raw meat
• Chocolate
• Nuts
• Avocado
• Grapes