The Best Activities To Keep Your Pup Entertained

Published on 10/31/2021

Do you ever feel like you’ve gotten into a routine with your dog? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, dogs thrive when they have routines, it truly helps them adapt to their day and know what to expect. Sometimes it can get a bit boring though, doing the same thing, at the same time, in the same place over and over. We think its time to switch it up a little! Take a look at the list below and let it inspire you to add a fun change to your day! Your dog will love it and so will you!

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The Best Activities To Keep Your Pup Entertained

Visit Parks

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to go to the park, so we take our pups around the local area. Don’t worry! Any exercise is good exercise for your pup and there will still be enough flowers and scents around to peak their interest and keep them entertained as they walk. At the end of the day, they just love hanging out with you, and the exercise is fun too! If you wanted to make it more exciting however, not just for the dog but also for you, allocate enough time to go to a park! There are nice trails to follow, way more scents and probably many other dogs around for your dog to say hello to! Pickup a coffee from a local vendor and sip casually as you walk with your furry friend through the park. It can even be done during the week before work! Sure, it requires a little bit more preparation and getting up earlier, but you will feel great after and be ready to seize the day.

Doggy Playdates

Dogs are very sociable animals, and constantly need to be around others to be happy. Naturally, each dog will have a different personality; so some will get on better with other dogs, some will need to have more social interaction than others, and some aren’t too hot on socializing! Some of this stems from training and exposure in their earlier years, but sometimes it is just inherent in your pup. So if your dog is social, they would surely love nothing less than hanging out with some other furry friends! It is a good opportunity to multitask and kill two birds with one stone (not literally!). Adulting is hard and we don’t necessarily have the time to do everything that we’d like to in our spare time. Dogs need exercise and socializing often, so meet up with a friend who has a pup of their own! You can hang out and catch up with the friend while the pups run around, chase each other and have fun!

The Beach

So the frequency of how often you’ll be able to do this depends on your geolocation. If you live near a beach, you should strive to go quite often. If fairly far away, you should make it an occasional trip. Dogs love the beach! They are filled with all sorts of interesting people and your dog will be in heaven. Whether that is running on the sand, playing by the water or watching all the crowds of people; dogs love it! Bird watching, different scents and more; the beach has everything for your dog. For you, it can be a nice change of scenery. The beach is always fun, and if it’s a warm day, even more reason! Just make sure that if this is the case, to keep your dog cool and hydrated (provide shade!). They will play with balls, they will relax by your side; it is something different that they will enjoy for sure.

Go To A Pet Store!

This one is definitely one of the more fun ones for your pup. What’s better than a toy? A new toy! First, they get to accompany you as you leave, which is already a treat for the dog itself. After this, they get join you as you enter a pet store. This is like the dream shopping mall for a pet. The best thing to do is walk around and let your dog select the toy of their choosing. Many shops will be adapted for this very thing, and your dog will not only love their new toy, but love that they got to choose it. A happy pup serves for a happy life, treat them once in a while!