Top Pet Magazines You Should Be Reading

Published on 06/29/2021

Looking for tips on how to keep your beloved pet healthy? Or maybe you’re a new pet owner seeking training advice. Well, you’ve come to the right place – we’re here to help you out! Take a closer look at some of the top pet magazines, there will definitely be at least one that will suit your needs.

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Top Pet Magazines You Should Be Reading

Modern Dog

Modern Dog magazine was started in 2002 and has since grown into one of the biggest dog-related publications in the world. The dog-centric magazine is published quarterly and has a wide range of topics from, wellness, food to dog training and giveaways. The magazine became so successful that their sister magazine, Modern Cat was created as well.

All Creatures

The next magazine on our list is called All Creatures. This is an excellent publication and a one-of-a-kind magazine that is filled with loads of content that anyone and everyone will enjoy reading. All Creatures is delivered bi-monthly and often comes with tons of different subscription benefits. Readers get to explore so many topics and stories. And yip, you guessed it, they feature so many different kinds of beautiful animals – not just pets. This magazine comes highly recommend, not just by us but by their readers too.


The Bark magazine has made a huge name for itself and is also considered to be one of the best magazines dedicated to dogs. Bark’s trademark motto, “Dog Is My Co-Pilot”. And we think this is a truly perfect expression of “man’s best friend”! The magazine is not only dedicated to exploring the beautiful bond between people and their dogs but various other topics are included too. These range from, news, dog culture, and even food and recipes. Once you catch a glimpse of Bark you will instantly why it is such a loved magazine.

Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness Magazine has been a major go-to magazine for over 20 years. Not only have they been providing some of the best educational content to help all kinds of pet owners but they have also been voted the #1 natural health magazine for pets in North America. They truly have a huge array of topics and subjects to read about. From informative blogs to cat health and even dog training. The content is completely endless and is definitely one of the top magazines you should read.

Animal Tales

Of course, we needed to add at least one magazine that is devoted to children. In fact, Animal Tales is the only children’s magazine of its kind to completely focus on animals. Animal Tales was created to engage so many young readers with heartwarming animal stories and informative and educational articles. The magazine also encourages readers to be interactive by allowing readers to submit animal photos, artwork, and stories that will be featured in the magazine.

FIDO Friendly

FIDO Friendly is the only American dog travel and lifestyle magazine. What more could you ask for? The content is simply amazing, ranging from hotel and destination reviews along with health and wellness topics, dog training advice, interviews, and of course some of the latest fashion trends. The magazine is published bimonthly and never fails to deliver top-quality content.