Did You Just Get Your First Pet Fish? These Tips Are For You

Published on 05/16/2021
Did You Just Get Your First Pet Fish? These Tips Are For You

Did You Just Get Your First Pet Fish? These Tips Are For You

Many people seem to believe that fish are the easiest pet to care for. While they are lower maintenance than dogs, per se, they aren’t no maintenance. They still need proper care to thrive.

Choose the Right Aquarium

Depending on the type of fish you have, the size and type of aquarium will have to differ accordingly. As a general rule, the bigger the aquarium, the better. Even if your fish is small, it needs room to swim. It’s important to put thought into this before you bring your fish home to make sure they have the best place to be. Having too many fish in an aquarium that isn’t large enough can lead to lower levels of oxygen, excess waste, and even fatalities. If you don’t know where to start, head over to a pet store or vet to get advice.

Set Up the Best Conditions

Once you’ve got your aquarium, the next step is setting it up. You’ll need to condition the water. Since tap water doesn’t have the right qualities, you’ll need to use a dechlorinating agent and adjust it to the right pH levels for your fish. Another important thing to think about is water temperature. Drastic changes in water temperature can wreak havoc on the fish, so avoid placing the aquarium in spots that are susceptible to changes. For instance, don’t put it near a window that gets a lot of sunlight or right underneath an air conditioner.

Prepare for Maintenance

Aside from monitoring the water conditions, there are more things to care for when you have pet fish. Once a month, you’ll need to replace 25% of the water in the fish tank. Doing so will help keep the water clean and safe for your fish. It’s also important to keep an eye out for algae buildup. This could lead to decreased levels of oxygen in the tank.

Acclimate Properly

Any aquatic animals can be sensitive to their environments and changes, so it’s crucial to acclimate them well when putting them into your tank. When bringing your new pet home, don’t just place it into the aquarium straight away. First, place the sealed bag inside the water of your aquarium for 15 minutes at least, but no longer than an hour. This is to get them used to the temperature. Open the bag and slowly add a quarter cup of water from your aquarium into it. Repeat this process every five minutes or so until the bag is full. This will bring the temperature and chemistry together slowly as to not shock your fish with any changes. Remove the bag from the tank and slowly pour off water without exposing the fish to air. Lower the bag into the aquarium and allow your fish to enter its new home on its own.

Keep Close Watch

Take the time to keep an eye on your little friend every now and again for any changes. This way, you’ll immediately know if something’s wrong.