What To Consider Before Getting A Pet Guinea Pig

Published on 10/14/2021

So you’re thinking about getting a pet. Fantastic, pets are a great addition to any family. They are cute to watch, make everyone laugh with some of the things they do and truly become a valued member of the family. Have you considered which is the right pet for you though? If any? Even if we have a strong desire to get a pet, sometimes it is best to wait, or find the most appropriate one for you. For example, if you wanted a dog, you need to make sure you are home enough to spend time with it, take it for walks etc. Many people do not have this time to spare, so something less maintenance might be more suitable. Guinea pigs are great for example! Even though they may be lower maintenance than dogs, there are still many things you must consider first.

Pexels Fotografierende 4492260

Pexels Fotografierende 4492260


Where To Get One?

Instead of purchasing a Guinea pig from a pet store, consider adopting one first! This reduces the demand for them when there are already so many needing a home.

Free Time

Though Guinea pigs can spend large amounts of time in their cages, they do need to have regular periods out of the cage every day. This may simply be exploring a larger environment, stretching their legs or spending time with you! Guinea pigs are affectionate creatures and will love spending time with you. They also require regular grooming. This can be done with brushing once or twice a week, depending on the breed of course. Longhaired breeds will require a daily brushing though. You will also need to clean your Guinea pigs cage once a week, minimum. This is essential! Their cage can get stinky, quickly. If it bothers you when cleaning it, imagine how the Guinea pig must feel living within!

Is It The Right Pet For You?

If you’re deciding whether a Guinea pig is the right pet for you and your family, consider how taking care of it will fit into your daily routine and family schedule. If you have children who are school age, will they be able to incorporate pet ownership into their daily routine? After school they may be tired, have homework or extra-curricular activities. Additionally, if your children aren’t pulling their weight, ultimately the ball rolls to you. It will be your responsibility to ensure it is well looked after. So if you’re tired after a long working day, caring for your kids, you also need to make sure you have the time spare to care for a little Guinea Pig too. Furthermore, if you have other pets, consider if you have the required time to give enough attention to each one.

Young Kids?

For young children, Guinea pigs might not be the ideal pet. They aren’t fully developed and lack motor control and self-restraint at times. Therefore they could drop the Guinea pig, squeeze them too hard or spook it, causing the Guinea pig into biting. They require a calm atmosphere and gentle care; perhaps better suited for older kids.


Adopting a Guinea pig won’t set you back so much, its spending on all the Guinea pig’s needs that might cost a fair bit. You will need to purchase a large cage/enclosed area, bedding, a small box, a food dish, water bottle, good-quality pellets, Timothy hay and toys. A Guinea pig may cost hundreds of dollars in maintenance annually, and this doesn’t include Veterinary fees. It will also need looking after when going on vacation, so this will cost more too.

2 Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are social animals, and are happiest when they are accompanied by another Guinea pig. A lone pig can become lonely and bored, even if a human spends lots of time with them every day. To have the happiest Guinea pig, you will probably need to acquire a friend for it.


It is possible to be allergic to Guinea Pigs. This may be a reaction to proteins in the animal’s saliva and urine. It is important that you find out if you’re allergic before adopting one, otherwise it will surely be a sad goodbye in the event that you are. Also check for Hay and Wood shavings, they can also cause allergies.